Sky Harbour

Sky Harbour Home-Base vs. 
Traditional Community Hangar

Dedicated Space

Only your aircraft has access to your hangar. Sky Harbour members never compromise on positioning and never park outside.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangars stack as many aircraft as possible, including transient traffic. Your aircraft is constantly moved and often parked outside, exposing it to the elements and to frequent handling.

Hangar Rash Virtually Eliminated

Your aircraft is never moved unless you decide to move it and is only handled by the dedicated and certified Sky Harbour line service crew.

Community Hangar Comparison

FBOs frequently shuffle aircraft in and out of the hangars, increasing the risk of hangar rash and the resultant maintenance, downtime, insurance claims, and reduction in resale value of your aircraft.

Access Control

Sky Harbour members’ Flight Departments maintain complete access control, even remotely, through the Sky Harbour Smart Hangar App.

Community Hangar Comparison

FBO hangars are accessible to other tenants, maintenance personnel, vendors and other third-parties, compromising security and increasing risk of accidents.

Condensation Control

Sky Harbour hangars feature climate control designed to mitigate water condensation on aircraft components, a feature especially valuable in humid environments.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangar doors are open for much of the day, allowing humid ambient air to condense on metal surfaces, causing maintenance events and compromising aircraft useful life.

Exclusive Line Service

Sky Harbour's line crews are dedicated exclusively to Sky Harbour tenants, offering uniquely responsive and flexible service.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangar line personnel serve both based and transient aircraft, requiring long lead-times on service orders and often causing delays.

Maintenance and Convenience

Sky Harbour hangars are clean and well lit, with all features required for routine maintenance and wet washing. Owner access in unfettered.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangars are configured for FBOs’ needs, rather than aircraft owners’, often complicating access to aircraft for maintenance personnel and service providers.

Private Suites

Sky Harbour hangars feature premium office, lounge, kitchen, restrooms, laundry and storage, dramatically increasing efficiency of operations and offering passengers total privacy and comfort.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangars rarely feature contiguous private offices or auxiliary space, and typically offer only public terminal facilities.


Sky Harbour hangars offer convenient land-side vehicle access with indoor parking, direct baggage loading and in-hangar passenger boarding.

Community Hangar Comparison

Community hangars typically require outdoor parking, even when valet service is offered, leaving vehicles unsecured and exposed to the elements during extended trips.