Simply the Best Private Hangars

Traditional community hangars can’t compare to Sky Harbour’s dedicated, access-controlled space. Every detail works together for the benefit of you and your aircraft. For example, something as maddening (and expensive) as hangar rash is virtually eliminated at our hangars because your aircraft doesn’t get moved unless you decide to move it and then only by your certified Sky Harbour line service crew.

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Sky Harbour Exclusive Member Benefits

Premium Interior Space

Only your aircraft accesses your hangar. It is never parked outside or compromised on positioning.

Total Access Control

Your flight department maintains complete access control, even remotely, through our smart hangar app.

Convenience and Maintenance

Our immaculate, well-lit hangars offer all features required for routine maintenance and wet washing.

Environmental Control

Hangar climate control mitigates water condensation and associated corrosion, protecting your aircraft.

Hangar Rash Mitigation

Only certified Sky Harbour line service crew move your aircraft – and only when you want it moved.

Dedicated Line Services

Line crews serve our tenants exclusively. You’ll find them to be responsive, flexible and ready to help.

Meticulous, Private Suites

Enjoy total privacy and striking design of a dedicated office, lounge, kitchen, lavatories, laundry and storage.

Easy Preflight Access

Convenient landside vehicle access with indoor parking, direct baggage loading and in-hangar boarding.

Private, Home Base Hangar Models

Sky Harbour 16.0

Sky Harbour 16.0

Total Area

16,000 sf


12,000 sf

Interior Suite

2,000 sf


2,000 sf


Embraer Legacy
Falcon 7X, 8X, 10X
Global 5000, 6000, 7000, 7500
Gulfstream G450, G550, G650, G700, G800

Renderings are conceptual and subject to change.

More Than a Hangar, a Home Campus

Step onto a Sky Harbour campus and you both see and feel the difference. Everything has been specially designed and built to create a harmonious, synergistic platform for your aircraft and for you.



Exclusive-Use Private Hangars

  • No hangar rash
  • No outside personnel
  • No extraneous aircraft movements
  • No foam, wet sprinkler fire protection
  • Aircraft never stored outdoors
  • Staffed and attended campus
  • Sterile maintenance environment
  • Smart Hangar App to monitor and manage hangar(s)
  • Accommodates scissor lifts, cranes and fall protection
  • Sealed hangar with humidity control and high-volume air circulation


Premium, Purpose-Built Interiors

  • Private office and lounge
  • Kitchen, storage, laundry and bath
  • Highest level of interior features and finishes
  • High-gloss, reflective, nonslip floors
  • Generous lighting
  • Hangar equipped for all certified indoor aircraft and vehicle detailing solutions
  • Accommodates largest business aircraft with main door threshold height of 28’ and width of 108’


Shortest Time to Wheels Up

  • No delays due to transient traffic
  • Drive-in street access
  • Indoor and outdoor vehicle parking
  • In-hangar boarding during inclement weather
  • Dedicated Sky Harbour line service and passenger greeting


Optimized for Home Base Aircraft

  • Concierge passenger services
  • Hangar and interior suite cleaning
  • In-hangar aircraft and vehicle detailing
  • Dedicated Sky Harbour line service crew
  • Towing, fueling, ground power, water, baggage handling and lavatory

Check Out Our Private Home Base Hangars

Give your large-cabin, long-range Gulfstream, Global, Dassault Falcon or Embraer aircraft a 12,000-square-foot hangar befitting their flagship stature. Your high-performance aircraft deserves a home base that fully supports its essential role.

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